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By recycling you save natural resources, energy & the environment.

Effective recycling relies on the utilisation of collected materials. Reprocessing, product development and importantly demand.


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The UK has been regarded as the 'Dirty Man of Europe' Currently, over 80% of thrown away items are buried in landfill sites and UK household refuse is likely to double in twenty years time.

Government targets have been set to reduce waste by 2016.


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UK info sites

The UK's directory of recycled products

Green Claims Coding

International Environmental Standard (ISO 14000)


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Recycling of cartons to produce recycled products are being explored.

In Germany Tetra Paks are thermally compressed to make a high strength chipboard, marketed as Tectan.

In the UK the number of paper mills able to accept cartons is limited, preventing the development of national collection schemes.

However trials are currently taking place to develop beverage carton recycling


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Recycled Promotional Products

There are now more products available made from recycled materials than there were only a few years ago and, perhaps not too surprisingly, promotional products is where a good example of such merchandise can be found.

recycled promotional ballpens recycled promotional memophonerest products

Forget the drab images that some previous recycled products conjure and explore what can now be supplied. Imagine also the effect of adding your own touch to these items by way of personalising in colour & print.

When using promotional products, especially for merchandise of the giveaway variety, give thought to some recycled products. Although there is an extensive recycled promotional products range already available remember that it is also demand for these products that will be the force behind the development of new ones.

biodegradable promotional seed pen

Comparing prices between recycled promotional products and the standard promotional merchandise available, in general, there is little difference.
Taking recycled merchandise into a promotional campaign will assist to raise awareness of recycling as a whole, show you as a company that has an interest in such matters this should be a paramount consideration if you operate within the waste sector! And create additional interest in both item and company because recycling is a known topic.

recycled tetrapak  frisbee recycled plastic whistle

What kind of recycled promotional products are available?

Plastic vending cups, paper, cardboard, certain plastics and even car tyres are examples of what is recycled cost-effectively to produce the various items available as promotional products made from recycled materials.
Recycled promotional products now include both practical and fun items, from the original recycled pens to frisbees and whistles.

biodegradable pens

There are also a few biodegradable items on sale too.

Popular recycled promotional products include:

Mouse Mats

recycled tyre mouse mats
recycled vending cup mouse mats

These mouse mats are made from recycled tyres. Print to the black of the mat provides for a different look to go with the non-slip, high grip feel.

These mouse mats are made from recycled vending cups. Providing an opportunity for full colour printing and also a non-slip back.

Recycled tyres are also used to produce these

recycled tyre pencil cases
Pencil Cases
recycled tyre coasters

Bookmarks and tyre covered recycled note books are also available.

Recycled Vending cups have proved a popular base for an expanding range of promotional products including

recycled promotional keyrings
recycled vending cup badges
recycled vending cup zip pulls

The Save A Cup recycling scheme collects 4 million cups every week from member companies.

recycled vending cup pencil
recycled promotional pencil tops
now made from recycled CD cases

Other recycled promotional products available include

Phone holders
Note holders
Pen pots
Recycled paper products
Bottle Openers

pinkrecycledpromotionalproductsblue recycled promotional products

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