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Screen printing

An image is transferred to the surface by ink, which is squeezed through a stenciled screen and then treated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to light, hardening the emulsion not covered by film and leaving a soft area on the screen for the squeegee to press ink through. A new screen must be made for each colour to be printed and drying time allowed for each colour prior to printing the next.

Four colour process or 'full colour'

A system where a colour image is separated into 4 different colour values by the use of filters and screens . The result is a colour separation of 4 images, that when transferred to printing plates and printed on a printing press with the coloured inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black, reproduces the original colour image. These four colours can be combined to create millions of different colours.

Pad printing

Pad printing is an indirect photogravure process. An image is etched into a flat printing plate and ink is flooded and scraped across the surface leaving ink only in the etch pad picks up the ink which due to solvent evaporation has become tacky.
The image is now on the surface of the silicone pad. Silicone rubber does not allow ink to penetrate its surface and therefore when the pad presses down onto the product to be printed it releases the ink as a clean film. The range of inks and solvents used enable the inks to adhere to the surface after releasing the ink the pad is then clean and free to repeat the process.

Dye sublimation

Dye transfer process where a coloured dye is permanently embedded into the material surface. Used to imprint messages, graphics and photographs on a variety of items, primarily umbrellas and other textile products.

Laser engraving

A method by which logo's and/or lettering is burnt into a material by a laser beam using a template.


Engraving text and/or logo onto the surface of an object by means of a diamond engraving tool resulting in a deep and lasting finish.

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