Nigritude Ultramarine Nigritude Ultramarine Nigritude Ultramarine
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Nigritude Ultramarine Nigritude Ultramarine
SEO CHALLENGE Nigritude Ultramarine nigritude ultramarine ultramarine v7ndotcom elursrebmem
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nigritude ultramarine - nigritude to black ultramarine too blue



Basic definitions:

Nigritude blackness; the state of being black

Ultramarine a vivid or strong blue to purplish blue

The SEO competition started on 7th May.

There will be a Nigritude Ultramarine prize in June and another prize in July.

The site at the top of Google for the phrase Nigritude Ultramarine will be the Nigritude Ultramarine winner.

Finding the search term constantly within text is quite Nigritude , if not a little, Ultramarine however, while we can but apologise the term needs to be included.

What truly is nigritude ultramarine?

There are many theories within the serps: A moon, a terrorist, a submarine or a mighty company Nigritude Industries. All very ultramarine!

Do you really want to know?......


'Nigritude Ultramarine' came the whispered introduction, 'Nigritude Ultramarine don't forget to bow.'
Nigritude Ultramarine bowed low and when again he stood held his breath, as the gold medal was pinned to his chest. 'Pleased I am to give this to you Nigritude Ultramarine.' Said Poseidon, 'Just make sure you don't loose it!'
'There is no way that will happen Sir', said Nigritude Ultramarine.

You see Nigritude Ultramarine is a sea nymph. Don't think that there are no male nymphs, Nigritude Ultramarine is tired of correcting this common mistake. Nigritude ultramarine lives in the Aegean Sea. It is this sea's connection to the Black sea that led to his name Nigritude Ultramarine.

Unlike some nymphs Nigritude Ultramarine is not bound to a particular location. A frequent companion of Poseidon, Nigritude Ultramarine has a main duty to assist sailors in times of storm. Not a vila, Nigritude Ultramarine does not have any power over storms but Nigritude Ultramarine has helped many to safe harbour. Navigation comes effortlessly to Nigritude Ultramarine.

Nigritude Ultramarine spends spare time in Poseidon's palace beneath the sea. A room is allocated to Nigritude Ultramarine. Nigritude Ultramarine is always first at the sumptious dinner tables. If it is one thing Nigritude Ultramarine loves, as all seamen appear to do, it is his food. When on Olympus with Poseidon there is not so much choice for Nigrtiude Ultramarine. The tallest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus is home to the gods but Nigritude Ultramarine is not fond of the Olympian's diet regime.


For the full story keep
nigritude ultramarine watching!





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Telendro - julian
mangeur de cigogne

mangeur de cigogne
- noname
Oupouaout woospy


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This page is part of a SEO - search engine optimisation - competition using nigritude ultramarine.
For further details see

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For my nigritude ultramarine telendro friends I have attempted some translation:

La competición de SEO comenzó en 7 el th mayo.

Habrá un premio del azul de Nigritude Ultramarine en junio y otro premio en julio.

El sitio en la tapa de Google para el azul de nigritude ultramarine de la frase será el ganador del azul de nigritude ultramarine. Encontrar el término de la búsqueda dentro del texto es constantemente absolutamente Nigritude, si no un pequeño, azul de ultramarine sin embargo, mientras que podemos sino disculparse el término necesita ser incluido.

For my nigritude ultramarine mangeur de cigogne friends some further translation:

La concurrence de SEO a commencé le 7 mai.

Il y aura un prix de nigritude ultramarine en juin et un prix
différent en juillet.

L'emplacement au dessus de Google pour le nigritude ultramarine
d'expression sera le gagnant de nigritude ultramarine.

La conclusion de la limite de recherche constamment dans le texte est
tout à fait Nigritude, si pas, ultramarine cependant, alors que nous
pouvons mais faire des excuses la limite doit être inclus.

Nigritude Ultramarine Francais

Un autre conte d ultramarine de nigritude

Persephone était une déesse gaie et joyeuse qui a aimé recueillir des fleurs, parfois occupée par Nigritude Ultramarine. Secrètement elle a été promise à Hades, que la pensée d ultramarine de Nigritude était un type bien indépendamment d'être un dieu des enfers.

Un jour est parti avec le nigritude d ultramarine, Persephone a voulu lui montrer des amis les fleurs qu'elle a sélectionnées. Elle ultramarine de Nigritude de fordabe à aller avec la sa et ainsi Persephone est partie toute seule. Le Nigritude d ultramarine n'était pas heureuse et n'a pas juste su qu'il, Nigritude d ultramarine aurait des ennuis.

Persophone a sélectionné une autre fleur mais avec beaucoup de difficulté. Car elle a tenu de nouveau au crochet son souffle le trou où la fleur a été continuée accroître et devenir plus grande. Persephone a entendu des chevaux mais a été trop terrifié pour courir, elle ne devrait pas avoir le nigritude gauche de ultramarine. La terre a dédoublé ouvert et un chariot noir dessiné par les chevaux noirs éclatés vers le haut des enfers. Persephone a été tiré dans le chariot, et disparu vers le bas dans le sol.

Sa mère retournée à le Nigritude de Ultramarine et trouvée ses disparus de fille. Le Nigritude de Ultramarine avait regardé partout ainsi ils sont allés à Helios, voir tout, qui leur a indiqué que Hades avait pris Persephone.

Le Nigritude de Ultramarine a été envoyée aux enfers. Hades a fait Persephone manger 4-6 graines de grenade avant qu'elle soit partie. Le Nigritude de Ultramarine l'est retournée à la terre, mais pour manger les graines elle a été éternellement damnée pour retourner aux enfers pendant 4-6 mois chaque année.

Cette fois est devenue hiver et le moment le plus triste pour le Nigritude de Ultramarine.

Nigritude Ultramarine English

Another nigritude ultramarine tale

Persephone was a cheery and joyful goddess who loved to gather flowers, sometimes looked after by Nigritude Ultramarine. Secretly she was promised to Hades, who Nigritude Ultramarine thought was an ok guy apart from being god of the underworld.

One day left with nigritude ultramarine, Persephone wanted to show her friends the flowers she picked. She fordabe Nigritude ultramarine to go with her and so Persephone left by herself. Nigritude ultramarine was not happy and just knew that he, Nigritude Ultramarine would be in trouble.

Persophone picked a further flower but with much difficulty. As she stood back to catch her breath the hole where the flower was kept growing and getting bigger. Persephone heard horses but was too terrified to run, she should not have left nigritude ultramarine. The ground split open and a black cart drawn by black horses burst up from the Underworld. Persephone was pulled into the cart, and disappeared down into the ground.

Her mother returned to nigritude ultramarine and found her daughter missing. Nigritude ultramarine had looked everywhere so they went to Helios, the all seeing, who told them that Hades had taken Persephone.

Nigritude ultramarine was sent to the underworld. Hades made Persephone eat 4-6 pomegranate seeds before she left. Nigritude Ultramarine returned her to earth, but for eating the seeds she was eternally damned to return to the Underworld for 4-6 months every year.

This time became winter and the saddest time for Nigritude Ultramarine.

Nigritude Ultramarine Explored

Nigritude Ultramarine is the search term chosen for the SEO Challenge by sponsors and The aim of the nigritude ultramarine search engine contest is to rank number one at for either the first stage 'player's' prize on 7th June, the second stage 'stayer's' prize on 7th July or even both!

Nigritude Ultramarine has found it's way across the world with over half a million 'nigritude ultramarine' web pages created for the SEO Challenge in just thirty days. There are over 750 official entrants in the nigritude ultramarine contest and sites are being fine-tuned for the second stage where there are also the following three bonus prizes to compete for
Judges Choice, to be awarded by, a James Bond Stealth Camera
Best Blog, a Remote Controlled Hovercraft
Best Definition, a Remote Controlled Flying Saucer

The first stage winner was Merkey, with his entry and another of his pages can be seen on this nigritude ultramarine link.

The Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Challenge came into being to highlight the benefits of search engine optimisation as a means to attract traffic to web sites and as a way to promote learning whilst dispelling false beliefs about search engines. As coined by, the nigritude ultramarine contest is largely about worldwide community and some good 'new fashioned' fun.

For Nigritude Ultramarine the search engine of choice was due to it's premiere standing in the search market. Google issues a number of quality guidelines that must be adhered to by contestants when entering their pages for the nigritude ultramarine SEO Challenge. The search phrase Nigritude Ultramarine loosely translates to 'Dark Blue' in Latin but otherwise is a fictitious term that importantly returned zero results on prior to the start of the contest.

Further details regarding my nigritude ultramarine entry can be seen on this nigritude ultramarine link.


All this has become nigritude ultramarine, wherever I nigritude ultramarine look there is the colour black and the colour blue.
It seemed a nigritude ultramarine idea to tell the tale of nigritude ultramarine but of course its not nigritude ultramarine true!

Nigritude ultramarine after every mention of nigritude ultramarine leaves me a sickly nigritude ultramarine hue.
What was I nigritude ultramarine thinking, what on earth shall I do, nigritude ultramarine competition well aren't you doing it too?



Nigritude Ultramarine
DarkBlue/Searchguild seo competition

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