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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the promotion of a business, organization or general interest online. The marketing strategy for a website can include other options besides the major part of just promoting an actual site.
Good internet marketing can produce not just more traffic to the site but traffic more highly targeted, meaning that those visiting are actually interested in the product, service or information you have to offer and therefore more likely to make a purchase from you.

Internet marketing activities

Options for internet marketing include website optimization for both search engines and visitors, affiliate marketing plans, email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, link building, competitor and traffic analysis.

Website optimisation – ensures that a site is up-to-date and most importantly is both user-attractive and friendly.

Search engine optimisation – uses on and off page techniques in order to achieve the best possible ranking within the major search engine's organic listings and thereby increase traffic to a site.

Keyword analysis – enables the use of keywords that will bring traffic to the site, but relevant to your target market.
This is an important part of both search engine optimization and any pay-per-click campaign.

Pay per click advertising – a cost effective way to gain both exposure for your site and generate additional traffic.

E-mail marketing – can target your message to potential or existing customers.
Be aware that there are rules that must be adhered to when undertaking e-mail marketing – you are not advised to send unsolicited/unapproved emails and use reputable mailing lists or email marketing companies.

Affiliate marketing – uses online ‘partner' sites to bring visitors to and increase the online exposure of your website. Affiliates will normally pay partners a commission.

Link-building – obtaining links into a site should assist in raising the amount of traffic it receives and also assists with higher placement of a website within the major search engine's ranking results (often part of search engine optimisation efforts).

Competitor analysis – normal marketing already should involve some sort of competitor analysis and analysis of competitor website's is an extension to this.
It is possible to discover strengths and weaknesses, not just in competitor sites but also your own.

Traffic analysis – is the examination of the visitors to your site. It is essential to monitor the success of any online paid campaign and this can also prove useful in assessing the navigation of a site when examining visitor conversion.

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