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The USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a peripheral communication port used on most modern computers it allows faster connection than the old style serial computer ports.
The primary advantages of the USB port are simplicity, size and the ability to supply a modest amount of power to remote peripherals.
USB is typically used to connect devices such as printers, scanners, keyboards, digital cameras, MP3 players and external storage devices.

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Imprinted Computer Accessories

imprinted usb hub

One of the latest trends in promotional gifts is that of imprinting computer accessories.

As most people in the workplace now have a computer and have become more used to them accessorising is popular.

Mouse mats, or pads as they are also known, have long been imprinted as a promotional product. Sometimes seen as a necessity rather than an accessory many a desktop has one sat beside the computer. Proving still popular these mats have seen some fairly recent changes including shape, material and texture.

imprinted computer accessories

imprinted computer aqua mats


Everyone has seen the original imprinted hard top, foam based mouse mats by the computer however variations now include those with liquid fillings or those with built in wrist supports or even one to put your favourite photo in.

imprinted mouse mat with wrist support computer pad with photo

Imprinted computer mice quickly followed on from the mats. There are now more styles of these available including optical and wireless with which to accessorise your mat.

Thanks to the ‘plug and play' power of USB, there's no need to re-boot your PC when you install a new device, it's up and running in seconds and the imprinting of these usb accessories are widening the promotional opportunities on the desktop.
Currently there are advantages to using imprinted computer accessories within your promotional campaigns as items are still both novel and practical combined with a perception of high value.

ethernet hub without imprint
imprinted computer accessories

Almost all new PC peripherals now come with USB connections but what happens if these are all already in use? Simple answer - get a hub.
These are basically extension leads for your computer. Several versions of hub are available to imprint with a varying number of ports which should appeal to both the style and practical concious.

How about combining two imprinted ideas in one and opting for a usb hub mouse mat for your computer assessory?
mouse mat computer hub
imprinted computer flashdrives
Imprinted computer flashdrives are a particularly popular promotional accessory as the convienience they offer in being able to transport data, indeed advertising, has begun to be realised and is a truly practical item from student to executive.
An added bonus is that the promotional market offers these well below most high street price
You get into work on a chilly morning and get called to a meeting but what do you do with your hot drink?
Use a cup warmer run from your computer and not only will drinks remain warm but when imprinted your advertising will too.
usb cup warmer imprinted
computer chargable usb torch

With the darker evenings a torch that can recharge from your computer could be a reassuring accessory to have.
Fully imprinted this little gadget has its own keyring and would provide a transportable advertising solution.

The range of computer accessories available to be imprinted is growing - so check back here again soon!

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