How to use promotional products


Promotional products are effective publicity tools, raising awareness of your company, products and services. It is hard enough to attract potential customers and these items provide you with a way to reach your target market and stay there.

Be sure of your goals and that your choice of items makes sense to your target market. The product could relate/depict solely your company or if promoting a specific product/service be representative of that product/service for example a fish-shaped item detailing your latest fishcake.

If wanting to reach a very wide number of recipients or if you find you can't quite afford to undertake the exercise yourself why not find a partner to help share the expense. Contact your own suppliers and offer them the chance to add their logo to yours.

Once you have found your perfect promotional widget recognise that it may become outdated, might be replaced or lost in the fullness of time. This being the case don't buy more than you need as you won't want to be giving away an ice scraper in the middle of summer!

Plan you delivery, don't leave it to the last minute and equally don't arrange it too early. Especially don't leave ordering late for christmas activities! Make sure also that you have organised your own distribution.