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Think Free Promotional Products


Think freebies

Whilst customers may be attracted to new products or ideas it is true to say that free promotional products are also a strong attraction for many – we all seem to like being offered something for nothing just occasionally!

You dont have to give promotional products away completely free. Maximise potential and use them to gain valuable client information for your future use.
It need not be thoroughly detailed information just as long as it is of some value to you.

Consider the following possibilities that could be opened by your free promotional products


Learn how you can serve your customers better.

Find out what products and services they are looking for.

Survey them about how well you're meeting their needs.


Ask them for referrals!

Even if giving away promotional products does not immediately secure extra business, although they have been known to, people who have your promotional product are circulating your company details to a wider audience than you alone could probably achieve. In effect they become a mobile advert for your details and awareness of your own particular ‘brand' can only spread.

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