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Different terms used for promotional products

There are different terms that you may come across for promotional products. The four main ones are:

Advertising Specialities

Business Gifts

Incentive and Awards


Advertising specialities are usually practical items given away in larger quantities bearing imprinted advertising or slogans. Sometimes also known as adcentives these products are used a great deal by non-profit organisations to raise awareness.



Business Gifts are largely given to customers and employees to promote goodwill. Whilst imprinted with company details they can also be further personalised with for instance the recipients name or commemorative date. Imprints tend to be less intrusive and known as subtle imprinting. More expensive business gifts may bear no imprinting at all, there may be an separate message included by way of a card and the gift is left to speak for itself.



Incentives and Awards are for recognition purposes. Often personalised, they acknowledge performance or participation. They can also be used to motivate people. This type of item includes plaques, encapsulations and trophies.



Premiums are very similar to advertising specialities however the recipient is expected to do something to receive them. Premiums are not always imprinted. Common types are on-pack, in-pack or trading stamps. Classic premiums are the enclosures in cereal packets and items received by mailing a proof of purchase.



This site refers to the encompassing description 'promotional products'.