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Continuity Programs

One-shot promotions are often overlooked and continuity programs done in the right way can improve the effectivness of your promotion. The repetitive contact involved helps to build a relationship with both prospective and existing customers. Used for this purpose promotional products are perfect because they deliver advertising in a memorable way.

Undertaking a continuity program takes time and manpower. They can extend over weeks, months or even years should you be thinking long-term. It is this time and appropriate staffing that can be the main problems encountered.

These programs are used to develop goodwill and reward, whether this be for loyalty or motivation. A main theme should be decided upon and promotional products used that relate to the theme. The key is to get participants to earn a further 'reward' perhaps by purchase, attendance or survey return - this allows you to gather more information whilst maintaining momentum - and build up to either that big sale, event or prize.

Budget will determine the length and scale of your program, how many times you can reach out to your target and how long the promotion runs. There are however some requirements. A program should be performed three times to achieve maximum impact with messages received at regular intervals eg same day each week or the beginning or end of each quarter. As a general guide on-spec mail campaigns usually run for between four to six weeks, if working on company identity/brand this could take up to a year.

Select promotional products at the start of your program and ensure that they tie into the theme. The item is not as important as making sure it relates to your overall message. Some companies send certain types of promotional product to top clients on a regular basis and over time this would allow some flexibility with regard to the initial theme but other than this you want to aim for a consistancy within the products.


Billy-bobs big square dance

Continuity program to encourage attendance - length three weeks.

1) First monday in August billy sends email:

Dear Dancer, I'm having the biggest ever square dance and I'd like you to be there.

2)Second monday in August billy send a letter with a little survey:

Dear Dancer, Further to my email invitation I wondered whether you could let me know your favourite song and dances. Please return the enclosed survey and I'll make sure we play one of them for you. See you there.

3) Third monday in August billy sends a reminder with a raffle ticket:

Dear Dancer, Just to remind you that my biggest ever square dance is on Saturday. I've enclosed a free raffle ticket for you to enter our grand prize draw on the night.

Mr Handy's office products

Continuity program to assist with launch of Mr Handy's new company and enhance its identity. Length of campaign 1 year.

31st January: Mr Handy sends his intro letter.

Dear prospective customer, I'm Mr Handy and I have just opened my new premises. I'm jolly good at what I do and would like to do it for you. I'll keep in touch with my special offers.

15th February: Mr Handy sends a letter and a very nice mousemat bearing his hand logo and calendar for next twelve months.

Hi prospective customer, Mr handy here again I have lots of special offers and can save you loads of money on your office products. Hope you like the mousemat - I'll be in touch.

31st March: Mr Handy sends letter with a survey and a nice pen with his logo on.

Dear prospective customer, I am reviewing my product line and would appreciate it if you would rate the following products for me. By the way I have enclosed a pen to assist you. Many thanks.

30th June: Mr Handy sends some really keen offers and a computer mouse with his logo on

Dear Mrs Buyitup, Many thanks for your returned survey. Thought the products we have on offer might be on interest. I've enclosed a computer mouse, did you know we sell these, to keep the mousemat company that I gave you a while back.

30th September: Mr Handy sends letter with voucher

Dear Mrs Buyitup, I'm sorry that we havn't heard from you I know everyone has had budget cuts, thought you might like the enclosed voucher. Encl. voucher

30th November: Mr handy sends letter and xmas gift with subtle logo.

Dear Mrs Buyitup, Thank you for your last order and also for the recommendations to Bloggs & Co. As a valued customer please accept the enclosed with seasons greetings. I'll be in touch....

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