Christmas Presents

Plan your delivery - don't leave it to the last minute and equally don't arrange it too early - or you will be falling over it for weeks!!

Christmas cards recycled

Company Diaries
Diaries are an item that can get pushed to the end of that to-do list but they are also a product that quickly runs out of stock - place your order as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Many diaries are sadly imported with the supplier, thus not always in control, dependant on foreign manufacturers to both print and ship. If your diary is printed a week late then shipment may also become delayed so play safe and arrange delivery to you at least two weeks before you really need them.

Christmas E-cards
Save yourself the traditional christmas postage panic, time and some money by sending your season's greetings by email.

There are several companies that now offer a choice of electronic card designs and greetings, with the option to include also staff signatures.

This type of christmas card can be delivered right up until christmas eve and can save a bundle on printing and postage costs.

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Further information is being compiled and will be available before christmas!



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