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Promotional products campaign guide

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A successful promotional campaign doesn't just occur and it is always the thought behind it that counts. Careful planning, audience appraisal, budget and most importantly goals need to be given consideration. Be clear what you want to achieve and set out your budget.You don't want to get sidetracked and you certainly don't want to break the bank!

Plan how you are to deliver your products. For instance it may be that you want something to both attract visitors to your stand at a forthcoming exhibition - this means that you need the items at the venue but they will be 'collected' via the stand, not too much extra carriage there! It might be worth noting here that it has been shown that a targeted mailshot prior to an exhibition generates more show traffic than just distributing to passers by. Another idea perhaps is to mail out an item with an additional/accompanying one available only from your stand when visited.

Create your theme and expand on it to maximise the potential. Following through with a logo and set colour from the promotional products to the sale sheets creates a recognisable look. Add a message and further focus can be given to the product or service. Think along the lines of valentines day with the message "we love our customers" and perhaps match to heart shaped promotional products. This way there is a common relationship throughout.

When selecting your promotional products don't pick a product just because it is either 'in fashion' or worse someone has told you it is! If you are looking for something a bit different have a look at several items, constantly bear in mind your goals and your budget. If you find something that you really like but it's way off price-wise don't be afraid to ask whether it is possible to source a similar product at a better price - it can often be done!

If you are a small business or a company just testing-the-water with regard to promotional products take all the advice you can get first! Basically you should decide how many people you want to reach and how you can do this. Then always look for the best items you can afford- not the items that you think you can. Besides, a nicely presented product would probably be as welcome as Mr Blogg's ultra expensive super-turbo-charged biro!

Remember, when it comes to promotional business gifts it's always the thought that counts.

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