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Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable products are those that can be broken down by natural biological processes into simpler environmentally harmless compounds. Often these compounds are absorbed into the ecosystems and used as a source of energy (metabolic processing) by other organisms. In other words decompostion by natural processes.
Common examples of biodegradable products are food and paper.

Biodegradable Promotional Products

The following pens are made from a bioplastic - made from starch & vegetable oils - Mater-bi

square corn starch pen

Square Corn Starch Pen
This pen is produced from corn starch material. Its square shape allows for printing on any side.

biodegradable seed pen

Flower Seed Ballpen
This biodegradable pen, made from the same material, had a seed pod attached containing aster seeds that can be planted.

corn shaped starch click ballpen
Pen Click Corn Shaped Pen
Another corn starch, retractable, model of ballpen actually shaped like corn.

More about Mater-Bi

Mater-Bi is a family of biodegradable thermoplastic materials occasionally referred to as bioplastics. Products made from Mater-Bi retain their properties when used, if disposed into a natural environment biodegrade to carbon dioxide, water and organic humus with no polymeric or toxic residue.

The key raw materials for Mater-Bi manufacture are starch and vegetable oils. As Mater-Bi biodegrades, carbon dioxide and water evolved are absorbed into the natural ecosystem unlike usual conventional plastics.

Mater-BI advantages

biodegradable, recyclable and compostable

can be used like conventional plastic materials.

can be coloured with biodegradable Master Batches and with natural pigments.

can be heat laminated to paper, cardboard, cotton and other natural fibers.

antistatic in property

can be sterilized by gamma rays

can be glued with solvents and water-based adhesives.

Mater-Bi is a registered trade mark of Novamont SpA.