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Why not use a recycled promotional product?


What to use for a promotional product

- at an event

- when buying for a charity

- at a conference

- when training



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What to use for promotional products

Promotional products tend generally to be either useful or decorative, although there are many products that lend themselves to being both! One of the main hurdles to pass when undertaking to use a promotional product is what to actually use.

Be careful to steer away from anything that could be too controversial or offend the recipient in any way. Remember that most people like to receive promotional products - they can be considered as bonus 'freebies' to some, if cute and attractive appeal to the emotions of others and when practical become a never-could-do-without belonging. With thought a promotional product can be kept long after it is received and provide you with seriously extended advertising.

Consider who is likely to receive your promotional product, whether you are promoting your company in general or a specific product/service and this should assist you as to where to start with your choice of product.

Whilst the latest gizmo might catch your eye, just because its trendy or Jones & co used it, you don't want to spend time and money on a promotional product that ends up in a desk drawer after a few days. Carefully consider it's function and if you have any tiny doubts about it don't use it.

Have you come across the word 'unique'? The above paragraph applies to this term also. An item becomes a promotional product by being imprinted - what is more unique than your own company, logo or message? Put some added colour to your widgit and there you have it - unique, and possibly the best widgit anyone has received.

How are you going to deliver your promotional product? Give some thought to this when choosing your product. If you are mailing then the item will need to perhaps be of minimum weight and easily packaged. When distributing through your sales force avoid fragile and bulky items.

Almost always the most important consideration when choosing what to use for a promotional product is how much it is going to cost. If you have a set budget the best advice is to stick to it, particularly smaller businesses. Choose what you can afford and not what you think you can.

It may also be helpful to decide how many recipients you intend to have - the more expensive the item the smaller the quantity you will be able to purchase with your budget.

Make use of sourcing facilities offered by suppliers this should widen your choice and perhaps save you time scouring through all their catalogues. If you have seen an item that really appeals try to source a similar product within your price range.

When will you require your promotional products? Not all items are available from stock and some items are only shipped-to-order which could mean lead-times of up to twelve weeks. Always check stock availability.

What to use for Event Marketing

Consider award presentations, corporate days and exhibitions. Promotional products can be consistently found at use within such event marketing and provide an opportunity for great advertising exposure.

Branded clothing Tshirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts
imprinted golfing items balls, tees, umbrellas shoe bags
Lanyards and badges
Trophies, plaques and encapsulations
invitations and table gifts
carrier bags
promotional flags, bunting, signage, bugs and masks
imprinted pens & pads

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What to use for promotional products at a Conference

Reinforcement to your overall brand, more product or service specific promotion can be gained using promotional products at any conference type event.

Luggage tags
Name Badges
Folders, Cases or Bags
Printed Note Pads
Customised labels on water bottles, packed biscuits or sweets

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What to use for promotional products whilst Training

Whether training new or existing staff or a company that undertakes training of others incorporating promotional products within the activity can assist to heighten awareness of your company whilst presenting a professional approach for little added cost

imprinted A4 Compendiums
imprinted document wallets
Pens, pencils or rulers
imprinted computer mice or mouse mats

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What to use when buying for Charities

What to use for all things charitable becomes a large task filled with many responsibilities. Promotional products can raise awareness, be sold to raise much- needed funds and provide the door for sponsorship contribution.
It is an unenviable position to be in when deciding what to use and to tread the path between raising profile whilst not seeming to waste already possessed funds.

Many promotional product companies will offer additional discount to charities. When fundraising in partulcular it cant be stressed enough that such discounts should be explored and utilised.

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