"Any visible sign or
device used by a
business enterprise to identify its goods and distinguish them from those made or carried
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Brand awareness


A brand represents more than just a business name or logo design, an effective brand tells the customer what you do and who you are. It is the customer's perception of your company.

Effective branding gives an edge over competitors and although for most smaller businesses expensive branding campaigns are out of the question there are ways to establish a brand and in turn benefit from the perceived 'value' of that brand. Customers pay more for the goods and services of 'brand name' companies, and it is of benefit to your sales force if a potential customer has heard of your company before. A brand allows you to introduce new products or services and concentrate on selling these without having to re-sell the company.

Branding is not a short-term consideration, it is built over an extended period of time and, there can be no doubt that a brand can greatly enhance a company.
Start by researching your target market and your competitors. It should be clear what sets you apart from that competition and what it is that your customers are looking for - ensure you deliver this all the time. Once you have this established ensure that you and your staff build it in to everything that you do and say. Stand by your findings and your continued inclusions as it will display to your customer both professionalism and that they can safetly rely on your company for particular products or services.

Your logo is not your brand but a very important method with which to underline and enforce it. Logos are symbols that enable instant recognition by those familiar with your company whilst creating that vital first impression for new customers.

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Brand perceptions

Bewarned! A brand may represent many things about your company. Negative perceptions can also be formed.

Perceptions will be based on how your brand is experienced. Things such as your advertising, comments by word-of-mouth, the internal working of your company and your product or service. An individual however, may form these perceptions from either one or more such aspects.

Influencing how your brand is perceived can be done. It is important to keep control of your brand and how it is advertised. Advertising Editorial content can only ever be partly influenced by your company, both print & broadcast reports are produced from a range of sources. Releases to the press can assist to redress inaccurate stories and give extra highlight to the positive.

Today individuals are open to increasing levels of communication and brands are viewed from various personal perspectives. Remember your brand is not solely a marketing asset, it relays company values and these values must be consistently applied over time.
All world brands maintain a high and consistent level of communication ensuring the brand stays visible . For these multinationals the brand & related values must be understood globally not just locally . Services and communication must be consistent if your brand is to gain credibility and establish the best perceptions.


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